Best DIY Secret To Softer Skin

I used to work in the beauty and cosmetics industry. And if there is one thing I heard a lot about, it was the importance of establishing a beauty routine. Ingredients are important too. All natural, good-for-you ingredients whenever possible! A lot of people suggest products like sugar scrubs for this purpose. Can I be honest? ...
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The Best Homemade Body Oil Recipe

This body oil recipe is one of my favorites. It softens skin and costs a lot less than expensive lotions and potions with similar ingredients. Plus it is all natural. Yay! What you will need to make homemade body oil: 1 Tbsp Shea Butter 3 ounces Sweet Almond Oil 2 Tbsp Olive Oil up to 15 drops of essential oil ...
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Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

This is a super easy recipe you can use to make homemade cleaning wipes. This DIY cleaning wipes recipe uses alcohol which is a powerful de-greaser and disinfectant.It is intended for solid surfaces like you would find in kitchens and bathrooms, but probably not the best thing for polished wood. If you find this formula ...
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24 Glass Bottle Craft Ideas

You have tons of glass bottles and jars from pasta sauce, wine, beer, etc. Get inspired to make something with them! Here are 24 craft ideas you can make using glass bottles and jars. Quick Craft: Faux Milk Glass & Paint Chip Art - This Sarah Loves Turn bottle right side up, wipe excess paint off the ...
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Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipes

This has been a long and icy Winter. Spring is finally peeking it's happy, green head around the corner and I am SO ready to get the kids playing outside again...yes! What better way to encourage creativity in the sunshine than making an endless supply of sidewalk chalks and paints. Here are three excellent DIY sidewalk ...
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DIY Wine Glass Charms

Here Is One Of The DIY Wine Glass Charms I Made - Customize With Pictures Of Your Party Guests! At a party recently, our lovely hostess whipped out the cutest beaded wine glass charms to help make sure everyone could keep track of their cocktails. By the end of the night, we were all thankful ...
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